GMS: Mechanics 2nd Job

I got my mech to lv 36 the first day, let’s see… that was 4 days ago.

Here’s what 2nd job has in store for mechanics.

I’ll be going through all the skills, giving an example skill build, then listing training spots.  There will also be a video put in later.

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GMS: Hot Time 3

This Saturday Nexon’s having yet another Hot Time event, at 2:00 pm PST.  This time we’ll be getting an Unidentified Love Letter along with the Ultimate SP Reset.

On a side note, the Resistance Ring has been fixed!  Your lv 70+ Resistance characters should now be able to get a ring from Ferdi.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t stack with Lilin’s Ring…

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GMS: The Mechanic

They’re here…


The robot-riding reinforcements have arrived!

Mechanics seem quite OP 😀  They use a gun but don’t use bullets.  You can even use your basic attack without any bullets.

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GMS v.95: Birth of the Mechanic

Tomorrow the Mechanics will be released!Mechanic Screenshot

Mechanics branch off of the Resistance character, so you CAN make a lv 10 Resistance character (do all the prequests) and just wait for Mechs.

NOTE: Nexon did not mention Resistance rings in their patch notes.  I hope they fix this…

Other events to come out: (quoted from here)

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Hello everyone!

I know I haven’t posted anything for about a month, but oh well.  I’ve been busy with not much, and have been playing minecraft.

It’s a fun game ^^

I set up a server with a few friends and it’s coming along pretty well.

hooray for lava!


Ok, so mechanics are coming out next Wednesday, January 19th.  I WILL be posting about mechanics (I decided not to do that with Resistance because I started a few days late).

… I have to delete another character.

On another note, the Resistance Ring event is glitched.  Very, very few people have it.  I happen to know someone who does (wtf dangit).  I don’t know if it can be stacked with Lilin’s ring (it couldn’t in KMS and the person I know doesn’t have Lillin’s).

Quintuple Blow is so cool 😀

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GMS: v.94 update: The Resistance

Finals are finally over~ and now I’m back to LoL and Maplestory.

For the few who haven’t heard yet (I know you’re out there), Resistance comes out on Monday, Dec 20, 2010.  This includes Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Edelstein.

A new world is also being released, Arcania

Another one?…

Happyville is back!  And it looks like it’s really similar to before.  Be prepared to collect Rascal Snowpieces!  I think I still have a few thousand lying around somewhere… Or did i forget to transfer them off my mage?

I hope we can get the Maplemas hats again… though it doesn’t look like they’ll be there.   Sigh.  I wish they did that Maplemas/Versalmas quest again.

Truckers, Galloperas, and other monsters will have their exp reduced, as well as Ghost Ship PQ.  Guess we’ll have to do it the normal way now 😛

I can’t wait for these to come out ^^.  I won’t be able to play them till the 22nd though.

I am thinking of doing video posts instead of text posts because it’ll probably be easier.  I’m not sure though.

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GMS v.90: Big Bang

So what came with Big Bang?

New skills, maps, and a whole new look.

The new UI is SHINY.  And BRIGHT.  Look at those buttons on the lower-right corner.  They are very, very well-lit.

I think it looks ok.  I still prefer the old one, though.

To everyone spazzing out about the SP resets: CALM DOWN.  They’re giving one to each character. Don’t believe me?  Look!

If you log in, you’ll get a free SP reset

so… yea.  Log onto all your characters.  I don’t even need this… meh.

There are several already well-know updates, like the new crit system, accuracy system, and damage formula.  I’m gonna try to address the lesser-known changes in Big Bang.

The Big Bang update reset a few quests.  Of them include Neo City and Dragon Rider.  So… yea.  Go get those docs again!  Sigh.

Character creation also has a few new perks.  There are now several more hairstyle, face, and equipment options for you, and some of these are actually pretty good!  The new clothes and weapons are tradeable but NOT cash items (they look nice though).

I forgot what I was going to say… hm…

Edelstein has been added to the world map.  It is currently inaccessible from Victoria, but I don’t know about Orbis.  I’m pretty sure you can’t go yet.

Resistance comes out on Dec 20, I believe.  That’s what the resistance exp/weapon event suggests.  That’s pretty soon.  The aforementioned event is also doable on ALL characters, even those above the quest level.  If, say, you’re lv 120, you’ll start out with the lv 20 quest for the capsule, then the next day, you’ll be able to complete the quest for the lv 40 weapon box.  It keeps going up until it catches up with your level.

That means I have the 3 boxes i need ^^

let’s see… If you still don’t have the upgradeable ring, you can get it AND upgrade it in the same day.

The Hot Time event is pretty strange and seems to contradict what they said about the SP resets.  I don’t really need them anyways (small changes to Aran skills and I didn’t miss anything on my Dual Blade).  We’ll just have to see


Truckers have insane exp (2.5k-ish hp for almost 500 exp!), so everyone is training there.  The new accuracy formula means that you almost definitely WILL have some misses when you’re below the monster’s level, so now higher leveled training grounds are emptier..  This has not been removed…

Ghost ship PQ’s winning exp bonus is giving much more than you should get (like 1 level per pq).

Not much else.  I’m surprised that Nexon has done this much without messing up.

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