GMS: Full Larson Set!

I finished my Larson set today ^^.  Not only that, but I also got to lv 100, got a khanjar, and got to battle rank 8 😀

My W.atk went up by around 50 in one shot~

It was synchronized with a Rank Up.  ‘Twas beautiful.

For that matter, my ambition leveled up in that instant as well.

It was quite the coincidence too: check out my stats just before the round

100% rank exp, 1500 bp, and one game left to lv.  I think ranks might be level-limited, but either way, this was one hell of a coincidence.

So now I’m dealing good damage, and I’m gonna be taking it slower with ms.  PvP is fun and all, but I’ve gotten the items and the levels (15 times at pvp).

I’ll be hunting for an Angelic Bless for a while; turns out they can stack with the pvp ring.   do wannnnnt.

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