GMS: PvP tips

I’ve been noticing that a lot of people have been doing poorly in pvp, so here are some tips:

-Always pick up items
The items are ALWAYS worth it.  If you don’t need the item, pick it up so your opponents can’t get them.  Always pick up the fist and shield, as they are short-lived buffs that add immensely to your pvp-ing skill.  Pick up both, and against an enemy without them, you can send them down from full hp to 0 with them only taking 10% of yours.

-Try to mob
        Though not as important as getting items, always try to mob your opponents.  Taking on the whole team by yourself with the shield and sword buff should give you several kills before they take you down to 1/2 hp.

-Never be afraid
        More often than not, it’s more worth it to jump straight into a battle rather than run around in circles.  If you’re low, you’ll save more time by jumping in than by waiting around or running around for pots.  Try to pick up a fist or shield and dive right in.  Anyways, you’ll probably quickly make it up in kills if you die.

-Keep moving
        Continuously moving will keep you from getting hit most of the time.  Mages, always use telecast.  Other people can jump around, etc.  I myself almost never stay standing in the same spot unless I’m able to snipe them with BoT.

-Forget about the lag
       Everyone experiences the lag, so don’t worry about it.  Just keep going in and attacking.

-Be an opportunist
This may sound terrible, but always try to ks (kill steal).  Aim for the people with low hp–your team usually doesn’t mind; it’s often too chaotic to notice anyways.  And remember: there’s no such thing as kill stealing–it’s a kill secured.

If you keep these somewhat-obvious tips in mind, you’ll find yourself winning a lot more games.  Now go out and win.

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