The Shammos Glitch, and Nexon’s solution

So I think that everyone’s heard by now about the Shammos PQ glitch.  I never went there, and I didn’t play much MS today (for fear of a rollback).

It was a HUGE problem, and a quite interesting glitch.  No idea how something like that would happen.  The basic premise of the glitch was:

-Complete the Shammos PQ.

-Press the up arrow key while standing above the exit portal



Nahh, but you DID gain 89k exp every time you hit up.  People were going from lv 80 (or is it 85?) to 120 in a flash, and it wasn’t a fun time.  I personally stayed away from it :P, as tempting as it was.

MS went through an unscheduled server maintenance that was supposed to end 20 minutes ago, in order to solve this problem and possibly the DC hack issue (I ran into one of these at TJ, a certain dawn warrior.  God, I hate dawn warriors.  Stupid soul driver).

The standard compensation is taking place, which are extended cash items and stores, and the customary 2x.

As for the glitchers, here’s what they’ve said:

We are currently investigating 4596 accounts in regard to the Hoblin King PQ flaw. We will take action after our investigation is complete.

What most people are suggesting are bans and rollbacks.  I don’t have any problem with bans.  More power to ya.  Rollbacks, on the other hand, were never a good option.  Since Nexon has the ability to work with these specific people, there’s no reason to hinder the other several thousand people who did not do the glitch.  I also don’t want to lose my purple surfboard :O.

So… We’ll see what happens later.

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2 Responses to The Shammos Glitch, and Nexon’s solution

  1. kean wei says:

    wat weapon do mechanics use ?

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