GMS: Mechanics 2nd Job

I got my mech to lv 36 the first day, let’s see… that was 4 days ago.

Here’s what 2nd job has in store for mechanics.

I’ll be going through all the skills, giving an example skill build, then listing training spots.  There will also be a video put in later.

Atomic Hammer

Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Damage: 354%, Max Monsters Hit: 6 enemies, Stun Chance: 22%, Stun Duration: 2 sec, Enemy Defense Ignored: 11%

Level 20 (max) : MP Cost: 45, Damage: 430%, Max Monsters Hit: 6 enemies, Stun Chance: 60%, Stun Duration: 3 sec, Enemy Defense Ignored: 30%

This skill gives you a giant hammer that you pound into the ground to deal limited AOE damage.  It hits up to a mob of 6, is quite spammable with booster on, and can be used in midair (air shockwave?).  It deals rather heavy damage, ignores enemy defense, and even has a stun chance.  It’s range is decent, but what’s good about it is that it reaches behind you.  It will be your nuke in 2nd job and on.  Max it when you need it  (I am still spamming drill hands at lv 55 so I’m mainly using it as a finisher).

Mechanic Mastery

Level 1: Weapon ATT: +1, Weapon Mastery: +12%, Accuracy: +3.

Level 20 (max): Weapon ATT: +20, Weapon Mastery: +50%, Accuracy: +60.

Like all other masteries, this skill is essential to your character.  What separates this from others is it’s inclusion of a Weapon Attack Boost.  This is VERY nice and helps to make up for the lack of a passive crit (mechs will be on 5% crit rate for most of their skills).  Max this ASAP–With the new, faster exp system, there’s less temptation to put points into a different skill.

Heavy Weapon Mastery

before: [Why don’t I have this…]




Level 1: Gatling Gun – MP Cost: 16, Damage: 56%, Critical Hit Rate: +1%. Flame Launcher :-MP Cost: 9, Damage: 81%, Damage Over Time: 52% damage every 5 sec, skill range increased

Level 20 (max): Gatling Gun – MP Cost: 22, Damage: 75%, Critical Hit Rate: +20%. Flame Launcher :-MP Cost: 17, Damage: 100%, Damage Over Time: 90% damage every 5 sec, skill range increased

This skill is great.  It raises Gatling to 6 bullets and adds a crit chance to it.  Flame launcher is also massively buffed, having almost twice the range and gaining a DOT effect that will almost always reduce enemy hp to 1.  Note that the DOT can’t kill the monster.  You’ll want to max this skill.

Mechanic Rage

Level 1: MP Cost: 40, Duration: 10 sec

Level 20 (max): MP Cost: 21, Duration: 200 sec

This is just your standard booster.  It takes a bit of time to cast while standing, so I recommend, as with most buffs, to be hanging on a ladder when you cast it.  It significantly decreases the time it takes until you can move again.  Keep it at around lv 6 for most of 2nd job just like other boosters.

Rocket Booster

Level 1: MP Cost: 77 each (launch and land), Damage: 246%, Max Monsters Hit (upon landing): 6

Level 20 (max): MP Cost: 20 each (launch and land), Damage: 360%, Max Monsters Hit (upon landing): 6

This is one of the skills that makes being a mechanic so awesome.  It shoots you straight up to the next platform, regardless of how high it is (yes, you can jump straight up to the Jester map in the Chimney with one booster).  It also deals AOE damage to mobs around you when you land and deals pretty nice damage.  Many guides tell you not to max this skill, I think it’s based on personal preference between this and Rage (not portal–maxing portal is very, very helpful).  A higher level decreases mp cost and increases damage.

Open Portal: GX-9

Level 1: MP Cost: 113, Portal Duration: 30 sec

Level 10 (max): MP Cost: 50, Portal Duration: 300 sec

This is a great skill.  Not only does it instantly teleport you from one place to another, but your party can use it too!  It’s like a local Mystic Door!  The problem with this skill is its range.  It can reach just over the length between the escalators in Kerning Square.  However, I’ve found that the portal range is dependent on where your character is on the map–what I mean is that the max distance is determined by the distance between you and the portal.  So maybe both portals are up and active if I put them in either corners of the map and stand in the center, I don’t know.  All I’m sure of is that at White Fangs, I would put one on the top platform and one on the bottom directly below it, and both would be active when I was on the middle platform, but neither was on when I jumped down to the bottom.

Phew, wall of text.  Now for the last skill:

Perfect Armor

Level 1: Ability One – While mounting your mech, it has a 11% chance to guard against attacks (permanent)  Ability Two – Reflects 120% damage back to enemies (when skill is active)

Level 20 (max): Ability One – While mounting your mech, it has a 30% chance to guard against attacks (permanent)  Ability Two – Reflects 500% damage back to enemies (when skill is active)

Ability One is the passive–It is always active.  That means that there’s always a 30% chance that monster attacks will deal no damage.  Ability two is the active, and will only occur if you toggle the skill on (it’s kinda like an aura, it’s simply toggle on/off with no duration).  Ability two is really fun to play around with.  You reflect 500% of touch damage back to enemies.  Yes, that does mean that you can walk into Zakum and deal like 20k damage.  Unfortunately, the reflect doesn’t do much in training at 2nd job because you’ll be taking ~100 damage from monsters AND blocking 30% of the time.  It’s still really cool though ^^

Now that I’ve covered the skills, here’s a skill build that you could follow:

lv 30: +1 Atomic Hammer, +1 Rocket Booster, +1 Open Portal

lv 31-39: Max Mastery, +6 Mechanic Rage, +1 Perfect Armor


max Armor

max Hammer

max Heavy Wep Mastery

max Rage/Portal (order doesn’t matter yet)

then build Booster to 13

This extremely standard build gets you all of the essential skills, then assumes that Drillhands is your main skill.  You get mastery to increase/stabilize your base attack, armor to take less damage, then max everything else.  I haven’t used Atomic Hammer much yet.  It’s nice, but not too useful when you’re 1-2 hitting everything with drill.

If you want, you could opt to leave rage at 13 and max booster instead, which only decreases mp cost and increases damage.  I wouldn’t.

So now… Training spots!

If you didn’t use the Energy Capsules, it’ll be a bit slower.  I got to lv 36 immediately using them.

lv 30 -> 40- Mushroom Castle

-That’s pretty standard, just go through and do all the quests for the medal.  Train at Skyscraper 2

and just use drill rush back and forth.  That’s pretty much what you’ll be doing in 2nd job, just drill rush back and forth.

lv 36-50: Kerning City Square

This place has great spawn and good exp/hp ratios.  I recommend using either the 5-6th floor area C (with the male and female mannequins) or the 7th-8th floor map (with the CD’s).  The mannequins are very good exp and very very not crowded.  In either map, just spam drill hands back and forth.  If CD’s are full, just go to mannequins for better exp (compared to sharing a CD map).  At Mannequins, I would put down a portal on the top and bottom levels, I put both on the right end.  That way, you don’t have to use rocket booster to move up and down.

It goes drill left, jump down, drill right, use the portal up, then rinse and repeat.

Lv 50-55:  White Fangs

White Fangs in El Nath are a pretty good souce of EXP.  To be honest, I found CD’s to be better even after lv 50.  It’s 3 spawn platforms with a portal that takes you up to the very top.  The spawn is pretty good and all you need to do is drill rush over, hammer them to death, go down, drill rush back, etc.  It’s not rocket science… yet.

lv 55-60: Toy Trojans

The ludi map for Toy Trojans has very very wonderful spawn and does quite well for a training spot.

lv 55-something:  Herb Town PQ

I heard this PQ has great EXP, but I haven’t experienced it firsthand.  I really don’t like this pq… it’s very boring.

lv 58-70: Robos

This map is located at the end of the 2nd floor of the clocktower.  It has amazing spawn on 3 platforms.  I highly recommend it.

What about Zeta Grays?

It’s a feasible map, but you can’t spam Drill there.  Instead, you’ll have to spam Hammer or something.

Pictures to be posted later when I can play.

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