GMS: The Mechanic

They’re here…


The robot-riding reinforcements have arrived!

Mechanics seem quite OP 😀  They use a gun but don’t use bullets.  You can even use your basic attack without any bullets.

So you make a mech by starting off with a Citizen character

It’s under the same category as the resistance.

Once you get to lv 10, you’ll be able to talk to Checky, the guy in the bear costume (wtf), and begin your career as a Mechanic!

You’ll get FIVE skill points to work with, I suggest putting a point into Gatling, 1 in Drillhands, and the rest in Mech:prototype.  Max the Mech first, you’ll get extra weapon attack, hp/mp, and defense.  With the mech on you’ll be taking 1 damage from all mobs for most of 1st and 2nd job.

I like how my face is censored…

You only get 4 skills in 1st job:  Mech, Flamethrower, Gatling, and Drillhands.

Mech I’ve already talked about.  Along with the massive boost in defensive abilities, you also get a Stance effect and a dash.  The stance effect prevents you from getting knocked back by enemy hits at a success rate of what seems to be 100%.  Yes, this does mean that all you have to do in boss fights is stand in place and spam a skill.

Dash appears as a Citizen skill once you have made the job advancement.  It is a carbon copy of the Aran dash, and can be either set to a key or activated by double-tapping left or right.  I put it on a key so i can dash-jump better.

[space reserved for a video of a mech dash-jumping]

The single-target attack you get in 1st job is Gatling Gun.  This hits a monster 4 times quickly but weakly.  It deals like 70% damage when maxed.  Each lv in it only gives 1% more attack, so I max this last.

It’s pretty weak…

You also get a mob attack in 1st job, Flamethrower.  This little baby shoots out a continuous stream of fire (provided you hold down the skill key) and damages monsters roughly twice per second.  It has the same damage as Gatling but hits a mob.  In second job this attack will gain a DOT effect and a bigger range.  And it gets HUGE.

Last but definitely not least is ME-07 Drillhands.  This is an incredibly long-ranged and powerful rush skill that will be your main training skill until second job.  It can be used anytime but the rush effect will only activate when there are monsters in range.

The new events aren’t out yet, but there IS a new delivery npc.  I have absolutely no idea what he’s here for because you still can’t send packages.


I got to lv 30 today!  7 red bull capsules later, I am lv 36!

2nd job comes with many more skills than 1st job.  7, to be precise.  And by the looks of it, something won’t be maxed.  I’ll have a post on 2nd job Mechanic later.  I’m kinda busy the rest of the week…

I opened that Resistance Secret Box you get from Cassandra for getting a resistance character to lv 70, and guess what?

I got an equip.  A freaking equip.  Good thing I had a bunch of weapon boxes left over.  The resistance gun looks pretty nice.  Time to go to Mushroom Kingdo–I mean, Mushroom Castle!

More pics and videos will be up later.

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