GMS v.95: Birth of the Mechanic

Tomorrow the Mechanics will be released!Mechanic Screenshot

Mechanics branch off of the Resistance character, so you CAN make a lv 10 Resistance character (do all the prequests) and just wait for Mechs.

NOTE: Nexon did not mention Resistance rings in their patch notes.  I hope they fix this…

Other events to come out: (quoted from here)

Gachapon Corsage [01.19 – 02.18]
Collect the Forsythia Corsage, Azalea Corsage, and Clover Corsage medals from Gachapon and you can exchange them through Gaga from a Spring Flower Corsage medal and a Spring Flower Corsage Chair.  All of these items are tradable.

Another Gatch event?  Really?  I wonder how good the medal is…

Chinese New Year [01.26 – 02.08]
Collect Red Envelopes from monster drops and turn them in to Mr. Moneybags to receive a random amount of mesos.  After turning in five Red Envelopes, you can receive a free 30 day version of a Hanbok Cash Item. Characters that get married during this event receive ten Red Envelopes.

Doesn’t seem like much changed, although if my memory serves me correctly, we didn’t have this event for a year…

Valentine’s Day [02.09 – 02.22]
Collect White and Dark Chocolate ETC items from monster drops to turn in to Ace of Hearts and Coco for rewards, and collect Cupid’s Lost Arrows from monster drops to turn in to Cassandra for rewards.  During the event, monsters also drop White and Dark Chocolate USE items, which can temporarily raise certain stats.

Still very standard,  but rose polearms are not mentioned.  I hope they’re included.  On that topic, they need to have the surfboard and tube event again…

Mardi Gras [03.02 – 03.15]
Collect Bead Necklaces from monster drops and turn them in to Gaga for a feather, then turn feathers in to Gaga to receive a Mardi Gras mask. The quests are repeatable once per hour. Long time Maplers will be pleased to know that the masks are permanent this year!

This is my favorite one.  The masks are butt-ugly but at least they’re permanent!  This’ll be convenient for my resistance characters.

I guess that means I’ll be spending a bit of time today getting a resistance character to lv 10.  Good thing I have lots of time tomorrow ^^

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