Hello everyone!

I know I haven’t posted anything for about a month, but oh well.  I’ve been busy with not much, and have been playing minecraft.

It’s a fun game ^^

I set up a server with a few friends and it’s coming along pretty well.

hooray for lava!


Ok, so mechanics are coming out next Wednesday, January 19th.  I WILL be posting about mechanics (I decided not to do that with Resistance because I started a few days late).

… I have to delete another character.

On another note, the Resistance Ring event is glitched.  Very, very few people have it.  I happen to know someone who does (wtf dangit).  I don’t know if it can be stacked with Lilin’s ring (it couldn’t in KMS and the person I know doesn’t have Lillin’s).

Quintuple Blow is so cool 😀

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