GMS: v.94 update: The Resistance

Finals are finally over~ and now I’m back to LoL and Maplestory.

For the few who haven’t heard yet (I know you’re out there), Resistance comes out on Monday, Dec 20, 2010.  This includes Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Edelstein.

A new world is also being released, Arcania

Another one?…

Happyville is back!  And it looks like it’s really similar to before.  Be prepared to collect Rascal Snowpieces!  I think I still have a few thousand lying around somewhere… Or did i forget to transfer them off my mage?

I hope we can get the Maplemas hats again… though it doesn’t look like they’ll be there.   Sigh.  I wish they did that Maplemas/Versalmas quest again.

Truckers, Galloperas, and other monsters will have their exp reduced, as well as Ghost Ship PQ.  Guess we’ll have to do it the normal way now 😛

I can’t wait for these to come out ^^.  I won’t be able to play them till the 22nd though.

I am thinking of doing video posts instead of text posts because it’ll probably be easier.  I’m not sure though.

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