GMS: Big Bang

Big Bang is here!

Pictures will be up soon, I don’t have fraps on this computer.

Read the patch notes here.

That’s right, Big Bang’s release date has been announced!  It is scheduled to come out next Tuesday, December 7.  This means I have to start playing again…  I think I have to delete a few characters too… but Reorganization evan looks fun…

I’ll be getting rid of my Blaze Wizard.

That also happens to be the week before finals -_-‘    Guess I won’t be playing much till break.

Nexon finished the update pretty quickly, I must admit, I’m surprised.

I am really excited about Mechanic and Battle Mage.  I also want the new exp curve so I can go back to training my other characters.  What differences this will have with KMS’s release, we will just have to wait and see… or perhaps ask those who were in Tespia.

Update:  The maplestory website now has a new look!  I… don’t really like it.  The words on the tab are simply too huge…

They’re even bigger than the Maplestory logo…  We aren’t blind, Nexon.

Overall, it got a lot darker, which may appeal to some people.  MS has for me always been a more… “chill” game, so this threw me off.

The “start game” button now shows a preview of the Resistance town, Edelstein.

Nexon has also posted the exp curves.  They are… interesting.

lv 1-30: exp curve is… fairly significant.  exp at lv 30 is equal to current exp at lv 20.

Lv 31-70: The exp required has gone down 5x, according to Nexon.  The curve is also much smoother and does not have a surprise peak at lv 50.

Lv 71-120:  This is nice… the required exp is… thirded.  Ok, it’s divided by 3.  The flattening of the curves at the end is strange o.o

lv 121-200:  Required exp is halved in general.  This, unlike the others, does not taper off at the end.  Interesting?

The taper would mean that the final 1-3 levels of each section have the same (or nearly the same) exp requirement.  I guess this is to discourage the people from quitting just before getting to the job advancement.
As you probably know, new worlds are coming out.  I think I’ll stay in Broa…

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