GMS: …

I haven’t been playing MS much (don’t really feel like training before BB), so there won’t be many posts before then.  I will, however, post a guide to Dual Blade when I have time.  Rest assured, it will be one of the most thorough guides on MS.  I’ll also have a video once I, again, have time.

So… Ulu city came out, with it’s huge boss and monsters that are incredibly annoying (and deal quite a bit of damage too).  I didn’t feel like getting very far through…

I’ve been at lv 108 for a month or so… I’ll say that I’ve been busy with schoolwork (and grinding is getting kinda slow).

I haven’t tried much since the Halloween event, because I was trying so hard to get a good hat (my best turned out to be a luk hat… I don’t need that :O).  The only thing driving me is the responsibility of getting my Sr. rep.

I tried out League of Legends, and it’s quite fun.  I will definitely be returning to MS once BB comes out though.

Add Rigelus on LoL if you want…

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