GMS: More events

Wow.  I mean, wow!  If this new event is legit, it’ll be pretty great.

There’s multiple CS events going on right now, including the return of the Adventurer Rings.  They can now be obtained from Gatchapon for this month.

However, this picture on the main site indicates that these rings are temporary and expire in about a month.  So… have fun with that.  Hmm… last time I saw that picture, it was of the magic ring o.o  Tell me I’m not seeing things.

Vega Scrolls are also available in the CS for a limited time, so get them while you can.

What I’m excited about is the From Zero to Hero event.  On October 30 (tomorrow) from 2-3 pm PST, over 100 NX items will be able to be bought for 0 nx.  That’s right, 0 nx.  It’s free, for those still wondering. 

The website shows some pretty good items, but I’m not sure if they can be sold out.  I hope not.

EDIT: The cash shop was glitching for a while after the event started, but I managed to buy some items.  Everything lasts for 14 days, which is nice.  There wasn’t much good stuff though, and I can’t equip anything over my katara…


Oh, and there’s a 2x event this weekend.  Maybe it’s finally time to go train at skeles…  I have enough hp for Honsters.

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