GMS: The Last Halloween

The Halloween events have started in GMS, largely unannounced by Nexon.  They sneaked in the data in the last patch without telling us and had it released after a time.

Nexon made pretty big hints that this would be the last Halloween of its kind or something… (check the gm blog post about Big Bang), so enjoy it.

There are three main events:

Cassandra’s Candy

Malady’s Dark Token Collection

Olivia and the Haunted House

Cassandra’s Candy quest is rather simple, and is the same as last year–collect a certain number of lolipops from monsters, then take them to her for a reward.  The rewards include 100 Green Slime Gummies and some number of Red Slime Gummies.  This quest is repeatable every hour.

Malady’s request is much easier that last year’s… fiasco.  This time around, ALL monsters drop dark tokens that you can trade in for items, and it’s really common (I get about 240 tokens an hour at FoG, probably more).

The prize list this year does not contain an attack belt, but it does have a tradeable ring that stacks with itself and other rings and gives 1/1/1/1 and +100 hp/mp.  That’s gonna lower the Guest rings’ prices by a lot.

With the extra 300 hp, I can use honsters ^^.

Frogs and Cats are also spawning in towns, but the monsters come quite a while after the chat notice appears.

Last but not least is the Olivia quest series.  I haven’t completed the quest (it took forever last year) but it seems to have the same chain as the one a year ago.  I heard that the boss is glitched, and doesn’t drop the keys you need to trade in for the chair.

Pictures will be up in a bit.

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