GMS: Ghost Ship PQ

Ghost ship pq will be added to GMS soon, and will be for lvs 60-80.  That means I can only play on my Blaze Wizard…

official post here

The goal of this pq is to kill the boss as fast as you can.  Two parties of 3 race through 5 stages (pretty much just normal maps with monsters) and a boss.  The parties are separated and the final boss has two hp bars, one for each team.

This is the boss:

Image from Spadow’s Blog.

You obtain points for killing the monsters (I believe that killing them is optional), and eventually obtain exp for killing them.

The exp obtained comes from winning exp, point exp, and bonus exp.  I’m guessing that bonus exp is dependent on clear time (the pq should be able to be completed in 10 minutes or less).  You can get around 200k exp, which is really good for that level, I think.  It will be amazing after Big Bang, at any rate.  Doing this pq with a good party lands a lot of exp.

I believe that this pq is in Singapore, and people who are within the level range can be automatically teleported there for the first time.

You also get a prize for doing the pq 30 and 50 times, but I have little clue as to what it is.  It’s a cape that I’m pretty sure is 20 wep/mag defense.

I won’t be playing Maplestory for a while, but I’ll be doing my best to keep posting.

Anyone know if running MS on a portable hard drive requires Admin privileges?

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