GMS: More on Big Bang

So today, Nexon released another GM blog with more details on Big Bang.

There’s not too much that was new, but some key points were:

-Big Bang WILL be released by the end of this year

-The coding structure of Maplestory will be changed

-The game will be very, very different.

-Tespia will be open again this fall to test out Big Bang (good luck on getting chosen!)

-Some of the KMS updates WILL NOT be put on GMS

What I think will be best is the coding changes.  Depending on how much they redo the coding, Maplestory may have a much smaller memory footprint and run more efficiently than before.  It will also (probably) no longer require elevated privileges (run as admin) to play, only to patch–just like Vindictus.

I hope I can get into Tespia… although I probably shouldn’t… finals will screw me over if I play too much.  It would be awesome though. :]

Most of what they said sounded similar to KMS’s update, but there is one significant choice in the current Big Bang poll that I believe was not mentioned in KMS–Improved Quest-driven leveling.  This sounds interesting, and could make Maplestory less grind-based and shift it towards a storyline.

There’s little to nothing out about GMS’s Big Bang update, but I’ll post whatever I can.

On a completely different note, I can equip my last unwelcome guest dagger/kataras now and Royal Guard/Spear Pepes drop Enhancement scrolls.

I blew up my Dragon’s Tail so I had to get a new Blood Dagger -_-‘

It’s 111 attack now with 5 more from potential, I think that’s pretty decent.

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