GMS: Lv 100!

After a few months, I’ve gotten my Dual Blade to lv 100!


Although… nothing much happened… I guess I gave my Aran one more point in BoF.

I guess you could say that I got more adventurous after getting to a 3-digit level–I tried to solo Bigfoot.

Bigfoot’s surprisingly easy (or at least, the concept is) on a Dual Blade.  As long as you have Advanced Dark Sight, you only have to pop in and out to attack him, since his killer move is his touch damage.  However, I still died… oh well, I was at 0% anyways.


So then I moved on the Capt. Latanica, who was disappointingly easy.

He took around 2 minutes.  I distinctly remember taking almost 10 minutes on my Aran… I guess that’s what a good weapon and Dual Blade does for you.


After killing Capt. Latanica, I moved on to the Headless Horseman, who I hate because you can’t see his HP bar.  I took a looonng time to find him, and it only took 5 minutes to kill him.  He didn’t drop his head…

So after many deaths and close-calls, I returned to Galloperas, where I’ll be until I get bored again.


Now on to things that people care about:

The book collection npc is in Henesys, but you can’t do anything yet.  Just wait…

Dual Blades can go do Crimsonwood Keep PQ!!!  I thought Nexon blocked DB from CWKPQ, but I guess not :D.  Most of you probably already know this.  Now I can get a MoN and blow it up with a potential scroll 😀

MoN’s are expensive…

I MAY post video reviews of the various classes of MS online, but that’ll be late November-early December.  I’m currently busy with my studies.

On a side note, Royal Guard Pepe’s drop Potential Scrolls.

That’s cool :]  But I’m out of things to potential.

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