GMS: Halloween Events

There are a few little things that were added in the v.90 patch that were unannounced by Nexon, including Malady the Witch’s dark token exchange and Aramia’s Book Collection.

Malady’s item list can only be seen if you currently possess dark tokens (they do not drop from bosses yet).  The items include a new ring that adds 1 to all stats and is tradeable.  It also surrounds you with 3 zombies o.0

I’m not sure what Aramia’s Book Collection does, as I didn’t do it last year and have yet to visit Henesys to check if Aramia is there.

Oh, and scorpions drop Enhancement scrolls.  I got my Dragon’s Tail to 3 stars 😀  the scroll gave it 3 dex and 3 attack.

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