GMS v.90: The Fall Effect

With v.90 of GMS has come two new quests: Shammos’ PQ and Ninja Castle.

Resurrection of Hoblin King is a new pq for lv 75+.  It’s in El Nath and doesn’t have a magic portal shortcut.

You start the quest in Chief’s Residence in El Nath (The 3rd job advancement place).  Shammos tells you to find pages of his diary.

I heavily recommend you do the first part of the prequest because it’s easy AND you get a 30% accessory scroll for a stat from it.

I blew up my pendant :O

There are several parts of the prequest, including one that asks you to walk through the path of the pq.  The pq itself is located in Ice Valley II, where there is a new portal on the middle-right that leads to the pq map.  In the entrance, there are two portals–the center one leads you to the pq, and the one on the upper-right leads you to the mini-jq that gives you a glacial water [you’ll need a bottle from Shammos (talk to him about the pq and select “explanation”) in order to get in] that can be used to heal Shammos should he become too damaged in the duration of the pq (it heals 50k, which I’m pretty sure is his full hp).

Another one asks you to get a Steel Plate, Pure Water, and Coal Dust.  The Coal Dust can be found from the Fly Eyes and Minor Zombies in Dead Mine.  It’s uncommon, so expect to spend around 10 minutes there.

The pq is pretty easy with 3 people, just make sure you have one lv 100+ or everyone 90+.  lv 75’s aren’t much good in the pq, sorry.

You can start the pq at Chief’s Residence–the party leader talks to Shammos about the pq and Shammos will appear to walk away.  Head over to the entrance in Ice Valley II to start the quest.

What you have to do is to defend Shammos while he walks through the maps you went through during the prequests.  The monsters drop scrolls and tablets, and they are actually fairly good.  Sometimes, they also fail to inflict touch damage on you, though I’m pretty sure this is a glitch.

After Stage 5, you get to the boss.  Shammos betrays you and undoes the seal that locks away Rex, unleashing his wrath upon you.  Rex is a pretty easy boss–he casts blizzard (the ice cloud attack) like snowman and can zombify.  Other than that, he’s a pretty easy boss.  His damage is always under 2k.

When he dies, he may drop scrolls, the 3 earrings, the Hyena mount, and a saddle.  These are rare, and in the 10 times I’ve done it today, I’ve only seen 2 earrings and 1 saddle on 2x, and I got nothing but sadness D:

Meanwhile, in Zipangu, a new area has been released–Ninja Castle!.  Ninja Castle is an area similar to Mushroom Castle but much more difficult to navigate.  The quests take a while and give you a bunch of useless Face scrolls.

By the way, Crashed Spaceship pq is now a permanent addition to Global Maplestory!  It’s lv 120+ and requires 2 or more people.  I’m guessing it’s the same as before.  I’m really glad–now I’ll still have the chance to get VIP stuff ^^

More to come about this later~

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