GMS V.90 Update: Gamepad Controls, Hoblin King PQ, and Ninja Castle

On Wednesday, Maplestory’s V.90 update will go live!  Unfortunately, Big Bang isn’t here yet, but we’ll be getting two new quests–Hoblin King PQ and Ninja Castle.

Hoblin King was released in KMS relatively recently, and I believe that some versions of Maplestory have had something like Ninja Castle for a while now.  At least it’ll give me something to do–I want those % hp equips in the pq.

It is this pq (Spadow’s Blog).

Hoblin King is a lv 75+ pq for a party of 3.  There are several prequests for this PQ which can be done starting at lv 75.  The rewards include 10% earrings and a hyena mount that appears to be permanent.  The earrings are tradeable BUT have durability (I have no idea how durability works).

There’s no sign that this quest will be available through the magic portal, but the prequests probably will not be.  Just in case, I’m going to El Nath.

Ninja Castle sounds similar to Mushroom Castle, only with ninjas…  why more ninjas…  There’s also no level limit.

Ninja Castle is located in Zipangu so there’s no messy transportation involved.

Anyways, we’ll finally be able to meet the emperor, who was one of the strongest bosses in the game before.  His two forms together have a good… over 1 billion hp (this information is from memory/maplesea, I don’t know if it will be the same in GMS).  Sure, now it doesn’t seem like much, but that was way back when, at a time when Zakum was the ultimate boss.

There is also a roll call event that Cassandra gives.  This event gives you an item EACH DAY when you talk to Cassandra, and the items are pretty good:

All of this information can be found on the main site.

There’s also a few nice bug fixes, including the glitch that made you disconnect if you entered Valley of Heroes with dark sight on.

A new control mode has been released: Gamepad.  Although I doubt that many people use gamepads for MS, some people will appreciate it.

More info to come about these events~

Here’s a tidbit of info I found out–the Advanced Dark Sight skill (Dual Lord) allows you to use SKILLS while in Dark Sight, meaning that you can activate attacks like Flying Assaulter and Upper Stab while in Dark Sight.  I had no idea this would happen… thought it was only for Chains of Hell.

This is pretty cool, but the remaining in dark sight chance of ADS at lv 1 is waayyy too low.

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