GMS:I guess we’re going with Big Bang anyways…

The online poll is up for the naming of the Big Bang update!  Though they included “Big Bang” as one of the choices…  and 50%+ of the votes are for Big Bang…  Kinda pointless, don’t you think?

The second-most popular name is “a new leaf.”  Clever, but it doesn’t capture the epic changes that will happen.  Well… it made me laugh.

I really hope A New Leaf isn’t chosen.  I was hoping for something more serious.

Current votes:

  • MapleStory: Evolution


  • A New Leaf


  • MapleStory: Rebirth


  • MapleStory: Revolution


  • Big Bang


  • MapleStory: Evolution7%
  • A New Leaf15%
  • MapleStory: Rebirth9%
  • MapleStory: Revolution8%
  • Big Bang62%
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