GMS: The Visitors – Stage 4: Were we attacking ourselves?

Today, Stage 4 of The Visitor’s event began.  This stage is… interesting.  As you (probably) know, Dr. Bing from the future is the Ultimate Visitor.  This stage is reveals the plot of the entire event, and it’s pretty cool.

NOTE: Major spoilers ahead.  Click to read a guide about the event.  Pictures are up! and the Video is too!

When you log on, you’ll see the stage 4 banner, which is a picture of future Bing.

The start is a bit confusing–what you have to do is to complete the pq, then go into the center portal after you kill the final boss.  You’ll be sent to Dr. Bing’s Cube, where you’ll get quests from Future Bing.

He reveals to you the plot:

Basically, he and the other aliens are actually maplers from the future who wear the suits due to mass pollution.  (note that they only attack us when we attack them) The suits are powered by Crystanol, which WE of the present have been taking to power the Bing Alpha suits.  The visitors came because they wanted to stop us from taking the Crystanol, the lack of which has caused their future society to begin to break down.  They’ve been here for a long time, but their shields have malfunctioned and they’ve become visible.  However, because they came to the present, the present Dr. Bing created the time machine and the Bing Machine Alpha, which in turn caused the future maplers to return to the present.  Confused?  It’s not too bad.

So now Future Bing wants you to return to the past so you can set things right.

Future Bing will give you a Conversion Cube Module thing that will allow you to teleport directly from the crash site to his cube.  You know that portal on the bottom-right corner of the map that you couldn’t go into?  That’s actually how you get to his cube.  Just press up in that portal with the Conversion Cube and you’ll go in.

The quests in stage 4 are the opposite of those in stage 1–Here, you are to fight off the PAST maplers in the sea, mine, processing plant, and defense line.  The maps are shared and the quests are annoying, so I recommend you go in with a party.  If you are low leveled or don’t have multi-hit attacks.

NOTE: wear you alien armor.  You get hit for immense damage without it on.  You will still get hit for a lot, but at least you don’t die.


In this stage, there are miners around the map, and all you have to do is kill 10 of them.  It’s the map you mined crystals in.

You deal set damage on the maplers, but it varies between people.

These guys deal different damage on different people as well.

They are pretty common though, so the quest goes by faster than the original.


Here, you have to kill 10 deep sea miners.

This is much more annoying, as many of the miners do not count for the total.

The ones that you deal normal damage on are not the ones you are looking for.

The fake ones also deal very little damage.

The real divers are hit for constant damage

They, however, hit hard.

Processing Plant:

In this stage, you are to destroy 5 carriers.

These are the ships you defended in the corresponding stage 1 quest.

They can be discerned from the other ships by the cargo they carry under them.

lol my mirror image looks creepy.  I gotta learn to get better mouse placement when I’m taking screenshots.

There are also those robot suits and defender ships in this stage.

Processing Plant Defense Line:

Here, all you have to do is to kill the red robo-suit, who stands at the right end of the map.

This is the easiest quest–I killed him in 2 hits–and you only have to kill one monster.

NOTE: Don’t be stupid and use single-hit attacks.  As far as I can tell, multi-hit attacks will have the same damage number as them, only repeated a bunch of times.  I watched a video from the Maplestory Facebook page and the guy was using Bloody Storm and Sudden Raid.  Idiot… use fatal blow…

For each of the quests you complete, you get Crystanol Molecules.

Each one gives one Crystanol Molecule, and finishing all of them lands you 3

This sucks…

These can be traded into the Crystanol Creator in Dr. Bing’s cube for crystanol that allows you to extend the time limit on your suits!  This is good for the people who spent a ton of time getting tokens.  1000 molecules can give you a Crystanol that makes your armor permanent.

I assume they are like scrolls, so if you want to keep the full armor, you’ll need 4000 molecules.  I got 7 from completing all the quests once (and you can do them more than once a day), but I don’t know the limit per day (I assume there is no limit because they expect some of us to get 4k in 2 weeks).  I want to keep the helmet, but it’s a hassle to have to do the quests over and over again… 140+ times just to get one equip permanent.  I died 4 times, and you lose normal exp in there.  Thank goodness I was at 0%.

Once you finish it, you’ll receive the quest “Is This A Dream?”  (from a lightbulb–Nexon refers to it as “Is it just a dream?”).  Future Bing tells you to go to Omega Sector and meet the present Dr. Bing, who, according to Future Bing, should not know you anymore.  I don’t see how that works–we never changed the past and our meeting–but oh well.  He gives you a command center warp capsule, but since most people are in Henesys, it takes some time to complete.

The “Is This A Dream?” quest is currently glitched–Dr. Bing is NOT in Omega Sector for now.  Nexon has stated that it will be fixed by the 29th.

Apparently, you get a medal for completing it–I heard it adds 10 MA/WA and is permanent.

NOTE: Accepting the “Is This A Dream?” quest will get rid of all of the OSSS etc items you have.  Either that or the Future Bing quests will.  This is not that important, and the only thing you’ll want back is the Conversion Cube.  Talk to Future Bing for another one.  Do NOT forfeit the “Is This A Dream?” quest.

You know how Future Bing tells you to wear the suit?  Listen to him (and it’s the Visitor’s suit, not the Bing suit)

If you don’t wear the suit, this happens:

That’s not even my max hp.  It’s autokill.

Even if you don’t die, you only miss.

Now with each piece of armor you equip, you damage goes up…

And the damage you take goes down.

Here’s a video of me completing Stage 4:

The music is nice :]

Someone keeps thumbing down my videos.  Whoever it is, say something so I can hunt you down.

And thus ends The Visitors event…. or does it???  yea…

Tomorrow we’ll be able to vote for a name for the Big Bang update, which seems very likely to be the next patch.

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