Vindictus Early Access Beta

Nexon stated that Early Access Open Beta would start today, so tons of people are waiting for it.

Damn this game is awesome!  The town UI is a bit simple but the gameplay is great nonetheless.  I have a few very laggy videos (computer lag, sorry), and a ton of pictures.  I’ll put them up later.

I’ll write a bunch about it and hopefully get some videos up (if my computer can take it).  I don’t have a proper graphics card, so my framerate rarely goes over 20 fps.  If it can stay that way, I’ll be able to play.  Otherwise, I may have to play on my desktop.

UPDATE: Vindictus is now online!  It is 5:35 pm PST.

People are having a hard time logging in because of the massive number of players.

I wonder what my first character should be?…

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