Tips, Glitches, and Common Sense about the Visitor’s PQ

So I’ve been doing this pq a TON over the past few days, and I wanted to talk about it a bit.  Some of it may be wrong, there may be better tricks, and such, but I don’t really care.  Here’s my two cents on the new PQ.


Control Cube:  If you have Flash jump or Flying Assaulter, you can go over the lasers and get onto the top left platform.

This makes this part much faster :].  Using only FJ or FA will put you on the lower platform.

Another thing about this room is that only the party members in the room need to stand there.  That means that if everyone is failing, just have all but 1 person die and go to the resurrection room.  The last person can finish, and when he moves cubes, everyone returns.

Destroyer Cube:  Use regular attack on the green bombs when they start to tick pretty low.  This will reset their counter.  HOWEVER: do NOT destroy the green bombs.  They will blow up.

Dimensional Cube:  I’ve found it much easier to solo this room in 60+, especially with a good mobber (I’m a DB).  This is due to the fact that it is difficult to see the bombs other people drop, which will most likely kill you.  Just help the best person or stay out of the way, unless you can’t do it alone.

Death: As long as one party member remains in the cube, dead or alive, it will not be reset.  After the other member comes back in, you can go into the res. cube and return.

Don’t be afraid of failure. The 60+ and 120+ pq’s WILL kill you, and sometimes, you’ll even run out of time.  If that happens, don’t worry–you’ll just all go into the Resurrection Cube and you can re-enter after 15 seconds.


Control Cube:  Sometimes, the timer on top will display a time of over an hour.  When this happens, there’s no use in doing the cube, as nothing will happen.  Just go into the portal–the cube is already “finished”.

Energy Cube:  Occasionally, the Energy Cube will start out with the lights off and no timer on top.  If this happens, you can skip it, but be warned–next time you pass through this room, it will be reset.  Then you can clear it properly and move on.

Sound:  Oh, don’t get me started on this.  There are so many problems with the sound, whether it be jumps in the BGM or attack SFX.  It’s fine though, most people play on mute anyways.

Platform Jumping:  This is an interesting glitch.  If you jump down a platform (down+jump to jump through it), you can’t stand on that platform unless you stand on another one first.  By platform, I mean each individual cube.  This is only noticeable in the flying rooms.  If you platform jump, then press up and down to go onto the platform, you pass right through it.  If you move to another one or drop down to the ground, you can stand on it again.

Destroyer Cube:

Sometimes, the Destroyer Hero will get stuck and stop attacking.  If this happens, just wail on him till he dies. :]

Common Sense:


That is incredibly important, especially at the bosses.  Some people I’ve met are idiots about this; others do really well.


Call them if you want, but don’t hog the drops.  It’s unfortunate if someone doesn’t get anything, but that will happen.


You can retry as many times as you want.


If it gets too hard, don’t be afraid to quit.  It’s not worth spending an hour trying to kill a single monster.  Either regroup, plan, and try again, or just leave.


I cannot stress this enough.  Countless people are standing on Channel 1, spamming “J>lv 60+ pq” with NO armor.


Some people think you can get in with the Bing suit.  You can’t.


But I know it was important and stupid.

Good luck on this pq!  Maybe you’ll get a ton of items like I did (took me almost 10 hours)

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2 Responses to Tips, Glitches, and Common Sense about the Visitor’s PQ

  1. Dan says:

    Attempting to solo the Dimensional Cube is a bad idea, especially in the 120+ PQ where it is literally impossible. Six people concentrating fire on the monsters can barely handle the stage while dodging bombs at the same time. Each monster has several million HP and you need to kill them all within 90 seconds.

    • nizmir says:

      Soloing Dimensional Cube in 60+ is many times easier than going with a party, because I’m a Dual Blade.
      I never mentioned 120+ – I know how hard it is and it definitely needs cooperation.
      Thanks for pointing that out, though. I changed it to specify 60+

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