GMS: BIG BANG UPDATE ANNOUNCED! Or at least metioned.

So… I was looking at the Maplestory site, and guess what?  Big Bang.  That’s right, it’s coming.  Everything that happened a few months ago in KMS is coming to GMS already!

New skills, monster info, exp tables, classes, and so much more!

So now they’re having an event to see who can come up with the name for this patch.  (I guess Big Bang isn’t good enough for them :P)

It is the biggest event in the history of MapleStory. It is the event that will rock Maple World to its very foundations. Worlds will collide, continents will quake, dogs and cats will live together, and the very foundations of reality will quake.

The problem is, we don’t know what to call it.

In Korea they called it the “Big Bang.” It was the most important update in MapleStory history and it’s coming to Global MapleStory soon. We want to know what you think we should call the event.

Here’s how it works:

– Submit your idea for this event’s name through our Web submission page between
September 14 and 20, 2010.

– Maplers will vote on the five top submissions through a poll on the official MapleStory website
between September 23 and 29, 2010.

Good luck, Maplers! And get ready!

Quoted from main site

I can’t wait!  Maybe we’ll get this by the end of the year!

We’re really catching up now…  I guess training my DB can wait until after the update.

KMS had a ton of problems with the patch.  Hopefully we’ll pull though better.  Code leech ftw 😀

Vindictus Early Access starts tomorrow!  My laptop should be able to run it fine–after all, I can edit w/ Vegas and play Maple at the same time, so it should at least do fine on low settings.  I’m really glad they made it so that you can edit the graphics of the game, opening up the playerbase to most people with computers.

I wonder if I even have a graphics card…

Here’s a REALLY good guide by kruimel0 on Basilmarket

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3 Responses to GMS: BIG BANG UPDATE ANNOUNCED! Or at least metioned.

  1. Brian Ramirez says:

    Thats great I know many people are mad and hating on this update but im really looking forward to the leveling curve and the new layout of the Maple World sure they added cool down timers to many great skills but there changing the game which i think is great because to be honest maple hasn’t changed very much map layout wise in a long time

    • nizmir says:

      Quite honestly, I don’t like the new map. Maplestory is getting to be too convenient–I mean, look at Maple Island! I wish they’d return it to the way it was.
      Everything else is great, although the release of more new characters will be a bit hectic.

      • Brian Ramirez says:

        Yea I’am a big fan of how maple used to be and with the addition of new characters things might get crazy for a bit. I really don’t like how there making the game easier though i remember getting to lvl 100 was a big deal and now getting to 100 can be done in a month….

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