GMS: The Visitors-Stage III (updated!)

Nexon was really smart with their Miracle Cube thing.  I wasted over 10k today trying to get my Dragon’s Tail to epic.  I didn’t want to spend any more, so I stuck with 3% dex 4 luk.  At least I get some dex from it (~4).  meh…

The Visitor’s equips are all statless and tradeable, so they’re worth quite a bit.  Read on for a guide on Stage III of the Visitor’s event and how to obtain the items!

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Alright, here comes Stage III (pics are up! check it out :D):

When you log on, you get a picture of a ship falling.  When you return, you’ll be able to see that the ships in the background are now being fired upon.

If you go to Dr. Bing, he’ll give you a quest to go to the crash site and investigate.  Talk to these guys, who are in Henesys, Orbis, Ludibrium, and Omega Sector:

You’ll receive another quest from Wynn or whatever her name is at the crash site:

She gives you medals for completing the quest.  You can only obtain medals for this once a day, and it is based on your lv (I get 5).

Basically, Stage III is a PQ.

There are 3 different versions of this PQ–one for lv 30+ (can be done any number of times a day), one for lv 60+ (3 times a day), and one for lv 120+ (once a day).  These get progressively harder, primarily in the bosses.

So if you can find the space to go in (Dr. Bing at the Site will direct you to a free channel automatically, but it is so full D:), you’ll find yourself in a cube.  What you have to do is to clear the requirements of each cube until you reach the final boss.  You have to find 2 minibosses first, and exploring the entire thing takes some backtracking.

All monsters in the PQ are Visitors, but here, they take real damage, not set damage like those in Maple World.

NOTE: some of these pictures are from my lv 30 round, others are from my lv 60 round.  The lv 60+ round damage is weaker because I don’t have enough dex with the Visitor’s Equips to wear my good dagger/katara.

The layout of the cubes is random, so each time you go in, it should be different.  Here’s a basic layout of the PQ:

Entry Cube: this is where you start at once you enter.  You can fly in this room

Proliferation Cube: In this room, you are told to defeat a Bully Visitor a few times and kill random Visitors who spawn.  This takes you up to around 1-2 minutes left on the timer (mostly waiting in 30+, but more time is spent killing in 60+ and 120+)

The Bully Visitor is a Buccaneer-type Visitor, able to stun you and cast a buff that temporarily causes all attacks on it to be misses.

Screw Punch 😀


Production Cube: Here, you just kill the visitors that spawn, simple as that.

Every kind spawns here, and the lucky/wise ones can fly.

Upper stab works wonders in here :]

Control Cube: This room is a mini-jq.  The goal is to get everyone in the party to stand on that little square on top and keep jumping to avoid the flying energy balls until the timer disappears.

The more people there are, the harder it is.  I’ve failed the 60+ pq twice because our party was too big and people would keep falling off.

There’s a little problem with this cube right now.  It’s a glitch.

The timer displays a number over an hour.  If this happens, you can just go into the portal.  I’m not sure why this is happening.  If you try to complete the room anyways, nothing happens.

Choice Cube: In this cube, there are 3 alien statues to break.  You can only choose one–break it with your regular attack.  One of the three will open the door.  The other two will spawn monsters, then open the door after the monsters are killed.

This is one of the easier rooms–there is no wait!

Dimensional Cube: In this cube, there is a portal in the middle and aliens that are translucent (can’t hit them) and normal.  If you kill the aliens, they will spawn bombs–one per pair.  That is to say, the two aliens on top will spawn one, the 4 on the bottom will spawn 2.  If you get hit by a bomb, it’s auto-kill.  In order to avoid it, go into the portal in the center and you’ll be sent to another dimension.  In this dimension, the transparent monsters are normal and visa versa.  You do the same, but you have to keep switching around because the bombs explode pretty quickly.


No worries, just go into the portal

This is by far one of the hardest parts of the 60+ and 120+ pq’s (it’s really quick in the 30+ if you know what you’re doing), because if you don’t kill the aliens fast enough, they respawn.

We just barely made this one–the aliens respawned 3 times, my partner died twice, and I was invincible XD.  I’m getting better at this stage.

Prohibited Cube: Here, dexterous aliens (archer type) spawn.  They have Wind Archer skills and move really quickly.

You can fly in this map.

That stupid KB skill Wind Archers get that’s hella cheap.

Something like Pierce?  I don’t know if WA have a skill like this.

Renewal Cube: In the Renewal Cube, you fight the Unjust Visitor, which is like a Blaze Wizard, casting Flame Gear and some skill like Poison Golem’s attack that puts little rocks on the ground that are then targeted for attack, if you know what I mean.  Should be in the video, go check it out at the bottom of the post 😛

That  effect on it looks pretty cool :]

The Unjust Visitor can cast a buff that causes any damage on it to heal it.

See that “V” above its head?  That’s the healing buff.  Don’t attack it once it turns blue and stay away until the “V” is gone.

This is the attack I was talking about (fire pillar?, I forget).  It doesn’t seem to want to use this in the 30+ mode.

Energy Cube: Here, you are told to clear the room of aliens before the lights go out.  The lights go out pretty quickly, so hurry up.

When the lights go out, a small energy sphere will spawn.

Hit the energy sphere (normal attacks only) and get it to drop at the center of the room

The lights will go back on, and you’ll only have to finish the rest of the aliens off.


Don’t worry if you die–you’ll be sent to a cube that you can wait in.

Resurrection Cube: This cube has a portal in the center and the left.  If you go into the left portal, you’ll be sent outside.  Going into the center portal will send you back to the cube you were in (even if it was a boss cube!).

If you stay too long, you’ll be wasting your time in the other cube–the timer does not stop!

*NOTE: The cube/timer resets if everyone in your party dies.  If you are working together, have one stay in the room, dead, until the other comes back.  That way, you won’t have to restart the boss level.  However, if you are running out of time on the bosses, both of you can try dying to reset the room so you can try again.

When the timer hits 0, you can go in.

Before any boss fights, you are put in an empty room that has a time limit of over one hour.  This is the:

Neutral Room: There are 3 of these rooms, one before each boss.  It’s an empty room, you can fly, and you are able to stay for an hour and 50 minutes.  I’m not sure why…

The neutral room going up leads you to the General Hero, the one going down to the Destroyer Hero, and the one going left to the Ultimate Visitor.  You can’t go in to the Ultimate Visitor’s room until you have defeated both heroes.

And now….

The bosses! (you can fly in each of their cubes)

Destroyer Cube: Here, you fight the Destroyer Hero.  The alien is Aran-type, and also has a skill that spawns bombs around the room.  One of them is avoidable, but another tells you to destroy the green bombs to defuse the others.  Attack the green bombs as fast as you can, using MULTI-HIT skills.  Your damage is set on them, as far as I can tell.

This boss dropped the two-handed sword.  He also drops other items…

hmm… the communicator seems to be glitched.  It says “destroyer hero” for both of them.

No idea what this is o.0

This is Rush.  Although it does not push you back, it moves him quite a bit and makes him annoying to kill.

This skill pushes you back.  I don’t remember what it was called.

The sword was underaverage (lv 67).  My partner called the swords before-hand D:  Nothing else dropped from the pq except for the chair.

I also got a one-handed sword with potential from this guy.  It was also underaverage D:

Commander Cube: This is the second boss cube

A Commander Hero spawns.  He’s pretty easy to kill, even in the 60+ pq.

He’s an Evan.  The robot behind him is his “dragon”


No idea what this is o.0

Super flame breath>

His attacks all deal less than 2k, which was great for my less-than-4k-hp.

Takes less than a minute to kill.

And gives a bit of EXP.  He also drops Visitor’s equips, but we didn’t get any :O I just got a gun from this guy 😀  Check it out:

It’s also underaverage :O

and last but not least:

Representative Cube: This is where the final boss fight is.  The Ultimate Visitor appears, and he is pretty strong.

His attacks look really cool though.  Plus, they’re strong.

See that thing he sits on?  That’s the chair you can get from the PQ.  I’m not sure if it drops from the other bosses.

Those things look really cool.  It’d be awesome as a weapon, like the tip of a staff or something.

And those things shoot beams down at you (or trap you, I don’t remember).  If you get trapped, I have no idea how to get out.  I was always the one getting stuck, and my partner never freed me :O

If you are freed from the chains, there’s still a bomb on you that will explode after a few seconds.  It is auto-kill and will also take out anyone in range (it’s about as big as the boss).  The main way to avoid the bomb is to keep moving (not back and forth, but around the map) until you see the explosion.  Anyone with skills with invincibility frames can use those too (I just use Bloody Storm back and forth but I often end up killing my party members that way).

I wish our chairs would have blasters like that :O

Here’s a better picture of that attack I was oogling over.  The Ultimate Visitor also has an attack that deals either 30k or over 3k, I don’t remember.  All I know is that I was 1-hit KO’ed by it.

Doesn’t that attack animation look cool? 😀

So after you defeat the alien once, the chair breaks and he drops stuff.  The alien himself is another boss, but you just have to hit it once or twice.  I don’t know if he drops anything.

When you defeat the Ultimate Visitor, his armor drops off partially to reveal…

look familiar?

Here’s the video:

Here, I’m doing the lv 30 pq (the only one you can solo).  I lag with fraps, so I don’t dare try it with the 60+ one.  The layout is the same, just that the aliens are harder and the bosses hit harder.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post, I thank you for taking the time to read this.  Have fun and good luck in the pq!

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