Visitor’s equipment

Today, I finally got my first piece of Visitor armor!  It’s the helm… I was hoping for a luk helm… the dex ones look weird.

Standing still, it looks really cool with the dragon glasses and a mask.  However, if you start moving, the eyeshield thing comes up and it looks weird.

So from what I can tell, the equips have a random chance of becoming Visitor’s equips when you upgrade them.  For some people, it only took one or two upgrades.  It took me 3.

As you can see, it doesn’t really do anything.  However, judging by the description, we’ll probably need a set of four to make it easier to finish the event.

On a side note, here’s how many medals you get for each quest from the researchers:

Demoralizing the Aliens: 1 medal

Clearing Party Quests: 1 medal

OSSS Mission Issued: 22 medals (repeatable 3 times daily)

Another one was the fame one but I can’t find it anymore… I think it gave 4

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