GMS: The Visitors, Stage II

Stage II of The Visitors event has finally begun!  In this stage, you travel to the future to obtain some crystanol for the armor, then return to the OSSS to do multiple quests that give you medals.

When you log in, you’ll receive a message via the communicator that the time machine is ready, and that you should go to the lab.  There, you can accept a new quest from Dr. Bing and proceed into the future by clicking on the time machine.

In the future, you’ll immediately see a person hiding behind a bush.  He’ll give you another quest, and tell you to keep moving right until you reach the base.

The following part is an… obstacle course of sorts.  Basically, several aliens walk around the bottom of the map, and you have to get to the other side.  If you touch one, you’ll be sent back to the first map.  In order to hide from the aliens, you have to stand behind the bushes that are scattered throughout the map.  If you stand still, the aliens will pass you by.  This part relies on both luck and timing, but is overall pretty easy.

Once you reach the base, a countdown timer will begin.  If you do not obtain the crystanol before the timer runs out, you’ll be sent back outside the base (you will be at the end of the alien evasion map so you don’t have to go through that again).

In the base, you have a few VERY easy jump quests.  First you have to go up and turn on the teleporter by whacking the purple thing.

Then, make your way right and to the top to get to the huge crystanol… crystal.  Talk to it and obtain a fragment.  Return to the guy beside the portal and finish his quest.  Then go back to Bing and you’ll get the Bing Alpha suit.

NOTE: Upgrades currently do not change the Bing suit into Visitor’s equipment.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it was a glitch before.

Once you have the suit, you can go finish a few more quests (one will give you ~500 medals).  Then you’ll reach the daily quests.  The daily quests include a log in timer, a few alien-related quests, PQ quests, and a fame quest.  These will give you a few medals each.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I’ll put them up by Saturday.

Check out this post for more info and a video.

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