GMS: Glorious Worker, Completed! + Nexon bug fixes

During last night’s maintenance, Nexon fixed multiple bugs in the game, most notably the Alien spawn.  All of the aliens are now gone, but they will be returning tomorrow.

HHG is back in business!

That’s 12 AM.  Should I call it today or tomorrow?… I think the proper way to say it is 12 AM tomorrow.

Read on for more info about the server maintenance and The Visitors

Nexon also fixed the Dual Blade skill book glitch.  Before, if you did not have at least 1 SP when you used the skill book from the cash shop, the skill would not increase by a point.  Today, they compensated for the loss and gave the lost skill points to every Dual Blade.

These points were for Tornado Spin and Flying Assaulter

Because they’ve been messing up so much, Nexon is offering a 2x exp/drop event on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (8/27-29) from 12-6 pm PST each day.  I’ll probably go to Red Kents and try to get a good dragon’s tail, maybe even train there.

On a side note, I finally finished the Glorious Worker quest today!  This was the quest for which you were supposed to help Dr. Bing for 7 days for a reward.  For stage 1, you had to do the time machine quest over and over again.  I wonder if it will continue on to stage 2…  better not make us grab more crystanol every day.

The reward was… disappointing.  I was hoping for medals:

It’s a mount.  A mount, really?  C’mon, i want something better :O

It’s only 14 days too.  It wasn’t random, so I think that everyone got a 14-day mount.

I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure it looks just like the one in the escort the transporter quest.

It would have been awesome had it possessed the firepower of the original :O

Can’t wait for Stage 2, hope I can do all of the quests over again (I wasted most of my medallions).

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