If you haven’t noticed yet, Maplestory has been overrun by aliens.  They are almost literally everywhere–I can’t even train at Kents anymore.  These guys are really annoying–their spawn fills the map, getting rid of pretty much all of the other monsters until someone with the Bing armor comes along to kill them.

Thankfully, the aliens do not spawn in World Tour maps.  I’m not sure how far they go into Leafre, but for all I know, they could be at Skeles.  I’ll check tomorrow on the boundaries of their infection. The aliens in Leafre go all the way up to HTPQ.  Wow… is it going to be like this for all of stage II?

If you were present during the short duration of Stage II and obtained the armor, do the world a favor and kill those aliens whenever you can.  It’s not hard–most of them have already OVERpopulated the maps, so the teleporter they leave behind spawns very few.

In order to hit these aliens (and to get hit by them), you must be wearing at least one of the Bing/Visitor equips.  Only one will suffice.

For example, I am able to attack all the aliens with only my Bing Alpha Shoes on, which makes getting rid of them much more convenient.

In this video, I am wearing the full suit as this was before I discovered that you did not have to wear the entire set.

NOTE: Nexon has announced that this is a glitch and will be doing their best to remove the aliens until Stage II is released.


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