GMS:The Visitors Stage II Released! Then taken off…

Today, at around 5 pm PST, Stage II of the Visitors began by accident.  It was pretty interesting-the sky turned darker, and aliens started spawning on maps.  There was a bunch of other stuff, and I managed to get a video of most of it (some parts were too laggy, so I had to stop recording).  Hopefully, I’ll put up the video tomorrow.

Nexon finished an unscheduled server maintenance just now, so stage II is gone 😥

It was pretty cool though.  Easy, but cool.

Now I have a better understanding of how the armor works.  Basically, you start out with the alpha suit, which you can get from Dr. Bing.  This includes a helmet, gloves, shoes, and an overall.  These all have 18 slots or so, and you can upgrade them by buying cells from one of the researchers (the top one) with medals you get for completing OSSS quests.  When you upgrade any piece of armor, that equip transforms into the Visitor’s equip (This info I got from someone else, because it didn’t work for me).  Each armor must be upgraded before you can further upgrade any (all must be +1 before you make any +2, etc)

Here’s my suit.  The faceplate closes when you are moving and opens if you stand still.  More pics to come.

WARNING: The suits do not transform anymore.  I guess it was fixed during the server maintenance.

When Stage II begins, the sky darkens and aliens start spawning in maps.  Without the Bing Alpha-Suit, you only miss them.

You then receive a message that the Time Machine is completed, and Dr. Bing tells you to head to the lab.

Dr. Bing will tell you to travel to the future to obtain some Crystanol, which turned out to be really easy.  It was… pretty cool though.  Some things hadn’t been seen in Maplestory yet.

After returning, you can get the Bing Alpha-Suit.  You also get a bunch of medals (~450) to upgrade it with.  The armor expires, by the way.

Here’s the suit:

They all start off statless, and you can upgrade them as you wish.

All of the other quests in Stage II are from the researchers.  These quests give you more medals.  Here are some of the quests you get:

-kill 20 of each alien

-fame XXXX (like happyville and other quests)

-log on for as long as possible, get 1 medal per hour

-take pictures of aliens with cameras (like capturing monsters in Ariant Colo and Ellin Forest pq)

So Stage II pretty much involves obtaining as many medals as possible.

Here’s a video of parts of Stage II.  I couldn’t get the entire thing because I was lagging too much during the Alien evasion part.

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