GMS:v.89 Live! The Visitors, Dragon Lord’s Snack Attack, and more!

Today, The Visitors patch was released.  Almost every map has changed–There are now spaceships hovering in every background.

eh, bad mouse placement.

Read on for a summary of Stage I

The Visitors Episode 1:

When you first log in, you get a animation and then a message asking if you want to go to Henesys, much like when Cygnus Knights were first released.

If you accept, you go to Henesys, where there are at least 3 new NPC’s.

After a few quests, you’re instructed to escort an OSSS researcher to the secret base.  In this part of the mission, you enter a robotic suit and fight off robots in it.  The suit has 2 attacks:  regular (extremely strong single-target damage) and skill (medium-ranged mobbing attack).  Regular attacks are just that–the attack button.  The skill attack can be activated by most skills, including buff, movement, and attack skills.  You are forced to fight off the aliens and move down the hall.  The aliens are equipped with the special equips that you can get from the event.  This escort thing is only required the first time you go into the base.

The Time Machine quest is repeatable every day.

Once you reach the secret base, you can talk to the doctor to start the quest for building a time machine.  These quests are rather easy, ranging from escort (like what you did to get into the secret base) to monster drop collection (these items are common) to just plain killing monsters for a few minutes.

Here you have to break the crystals with regular attacks to get a drop.  The item is 100% drop, as far as I can tell.

Same thing here, but now underwater.  My regular attacks hit twice.  I’m not sure if it was due to my being a Dual Blader, but it was pretty cool.

You don’t get to keep these suits, by the way.  If you ask the guy for a suit, he’ll say that it’s not built yet.

Here’s that other escort mission I was talking about.

These aliens use our attacks, by the way.  The warrior alien has Dawn Warrior attacks.

Part of the quests ask you to collect Vegetable Oil and Gas.  The Vegetable Oil drops from plant monsters, like stumps, while the Gas drops from animal monsters, like snails.  These are very easy to obtain.

Once you finish all of the quests (took me less than 30 min), the doctor gives you a certificate and tells you to wait.

Was that it?  I was hoping it would be longer.

Each day of Stage I, you can repeat the Time Machine quests.  Just go to Dr. Bing and accept the quest again.

The Dragon Lord’s Snack Attack is Gachapon-related.  Basically, when you use a gach ticket, you get a chocolate as well as your item(you won’t get the same chocolate twice).  You then fill up the lunch box thing with the chocolates (either 9 or 10 total, I’m not sure), and summon the Dragon Lord, who then drops some boxes.  You can only pick up one, but there are some great rewards inside.  These include a +9 to all stats necklace and some scrolling things for the necklace that can add 6 attack.

My right click isn’t working… :O  stupid firefox.

I also took some videos of The Visitors, I’ll post them later.  Hopefully, youtube accepts them :O

Oh, you know that Spinel in Leafre I mentioned earlier?  He’s back where he belongs.

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