Lv 70!

I spent some time yesterday getting to lv 70 on my Dual Blade.  I can’t believe I’m already here.  It’s only been two weeks of playing time for me 😀

Stupid event message blocked my screenie >.<

I must say, though, that I’m really glad that finally came up.  I didn’t get it at lv 50…

I managed to wash 17 times with the free ap resets.  I got ~300 hp from removing from MP and adding to HP.   I’m not sure how much HP is added per ap regularly, though.

So yea… I have more hp now ^^

I also got the lv 70 mask, which I was disappointed to find that it had no atk stats.

Doesn’t look that great either…

Now I have to do Dojo, get Maker, a Mount, Job up, and everything else I didn’t do while I was racing to lv 70.  I’m really glad I made it ^^  I want FA so much.

Just 2 more days until The Visitors.  I really want to see the armor :O

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