GMS:v.89 Update

Nexon has just put up the update notes for v.89.  This includes an extension of the dual blade lv event to 9/1 (wtf), some weird exp bonus event that gives you extra exp from every 3rd monster killed based on the number of hours you’ve been online, spirit week, The Visitors, and some other stuff (Snack attack is still unannounced).

10:05: The patch just started.  They were 5 minutes late 😛

There’s not really that much to say.  I wonder if I’ll be able to finish The Visitors on multiple characters.  Those equips look really nice.  I think I’ll at least try to get the basic armor on as many characters as possible.  I hope it’s not level-restricted.

Source: (main site)

I want that lv 100 mask so much D:  I probably won’t make it to 100 in 2 weeks, though.

On a side note, I advanced to Blade Master!  It’s the first time I ever got an adventurer to the 3rd job advancement.

FA is great.  I really want to be able to use Upper Stab as my main attack, though.  Right now, it’s only at lv 1.  I’m stuck with triple stab again.

Mirror Image takes so much MP.  Lower lv’s use 250 mp…

So many builds say to max bloody storm.  I don’t know… I’d much rather max upper stab instead and have FATSUS.  It’s much more interesting.

I’ll be training at Booper Scarlions until lv 76 or so (then i can chain FA with tornado spin or bloody storm).  Then I’ll move to blue kents, get Mirror Image to 11, and max upper stab.  I can’t stand the 3-monster triple stab anymore :O

On another side note, I got my first equip enhancement scroll today while hunting for kataras and daggers.  Red Kentarus drops them.

I’ll save it for a good katara.  Though I’d much rather have a potential scroll.

There’s also a Spinel out of place in Leafre.  I just noticed it, but it’s probably been there for a while.

Why isn’t he at his stand?…

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