GMS: v.89 announced!

GMS will be undergoing the patch to v.89 between Wednesday and Thursday (weird timing), and with it comes The Visitors!

The Visitors thing is a bit strange–there will be 4 stages in the event:

I’m not too clear about the whole real-time gameplay, but it seems similar to the concept of that filling up the snow thing in Happyville, which took everyone working together to work out.  I wonder if this is only going to last for this patch…

The equips look pretty sweet though.  Check them out:

Standard, mage, bow, warrior, and thief sets?  What about pirates? 😛

Here’s a link to pics of the armor:

I wonder if all of Maple World will change because of this…  At least my Dual Blade will be lv 70+ by then, so I won’t have to worry too much about leveling.

There’s also some Dragon Lord’s Snack Attack update, though I have absolutely no idea what that is.

The Visitors sounds like fun.  I’m looking forward to it ^^

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