Blade Specialist and Lv 60!

I spent about 4 hours today getting to lv 60. -_-‘

WR are so godly.

But I’m really happy.  Now I can get to lv 70 before the mask event is over!  I was worried since I’m about to leave for another 7 days, meaning that I’ve lost about half of the month to get to whatever lv I can.  I must say though, lv 100 is way too much for the final mask.  Really, Nexon?

I got to lv 55, did the advancement, and lved 2 more times until I had to use the Tornado Spin mastery book.  I used it, but got no sp. >:[  So now I’m one sp short…

I also participated in an event for the first time today ^^.  It was pretty fun, but the JQ was hell due to the lag and the massive amount of people blocking your view.  I almost made it, but time ran out when I was at the top of lv 4.  :O

Oh well, at least I have the trophy.

Tornado spin is a bit hard to use, but it’s still great.  The timing’s a bit awkward.

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