GMS V.88 Update: Dual Blade, New Login, Item Potential, and… Demethus?

Dual Blade was finally released! There are several differences between GMS and KMS Dual Bladers, most strikingly the name of the blades, which are now called “kataras.” The job names are also different (the lv 30 one is called “Blade Acolyte”). Anyone who has a lv 30 or above can make a free lv 30 Dual Blader (they can also choose to start at lv 1).  I decided to go with the lv 30, since I have very limited time and this was the best chance I had to get to lv 70 before the mask event ends.

By the way, you can get blades from monster drops (I know for a fact that the Pepe dolls in Kerning Square drop the lv 30 blade), npc’s, or even from Spieglemann (lv 30, 40, and 50 blades are for trade).

I absolutely love this class.  It is freaking awesome, aside from the fact that it takes over 20k nx to get all of the skills.  Either way, it’s pretty much worth it.  Unfortunately, if you start at lv 30, I think you start off with lower hp/mp.  I also never received the notification regarding the free ap/sp resets on this character. D:

The training is incredibly fun–although triple stab and slash storm have slight delays (cannot be spammed), you can combo them and be moving all of the time.

The invincibility frames that come with slash storm are also great.  I use them often to avoid magic attacks and touch damage.  Max points (which cost 2.9k nx to raise above lv 5 AND is required for bloody storm) makes a huge difference in distance.  It also hits more monsters, but you probably won’t be using this skill primarily for damage.

Along with the Dual Blade came a new login UI, which changed the in-game login, world selection, and character selection screens.  I like it, it’s cleaner that the old one but remains traditional, unlike the new UI that came in the Big Bang update in KMST.

Lol Kradia and Demethos’ names have changed.

The item potential system was added this patch, and I must say that it is pretty broken.  Equips are also dropping more than usual.  It’s strange–I’ve gotten 4 inventories full of random equips on my Dual Blade already–but I suppose it’s meant to increase your chances to get an item with hidden potential.

Anyways, on the potential system:  I love it, yet I hate it so.  The system has AMAZING stats–I’ve seen +40 acc on warrior equips, +30% damage on bosses, etc.  At the same time, it gives the possibility for AMAZINGLY overpowered characters.  I hope I get something good :O

What am I supposed to do with an Int/Luk Zard? o.0

I also got TWO new character slots.  Weren’t we supposed to only get one?

The new character slots were added after the server check that took place a few hours after the patch ended.  I had to delete a character to make space for my Dual Blade -_-‘  RIP my page.

The Cassandra quest is pretty stupid.  I collect 20 secrets and all I get are some transformation items or some ores -_-‘

The sticker quest is just like the box quest from before, giving equips (I have no idea which), pots, and ores.

I can’t play for a week cause I’m leaving for vacation.  I didn’t get chosen for the Vindictus CB 😥

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