GMS: Dual Blade Events

The events that are coming with the release of Dual Blade have been announced.  Two more minor ones are the wedding present (free pet if two dual bladers marry) and the bonus exp when going to certain PQ’s (very little bonus is rewarded).

-Mask event: Dual Blade masks will be rewarded at certain level checkpoints.  There are 5 masks in all, and you get something every 10 levels.  These masks are completely UNTRADEABLE.  SoK/platinum Sok will do nothing.

The final mask is lv 100.  Geeze, how are we supposed to get to lv 100 in a month???

-Free 30 min 2x every day– You get a feather when you talk to the Maple Admin, and if you hold on to it for 15 min, it transforms and you can give it back and choose between 2x drop or 2x exp.

-Owl Stickers: Random prizes for finding stickers dropped by monsters

-Top Secret: Collect papers (dropped by monsters) for Cassandra and get rewards.  Repeatable every 30 minutes.

-Summer Items!  Monsters will drop certain surfboards and tubes!  Unfortunately, the Purple Surfboard is not part of the list.

-FREE lv 30 DUAL BLADES!  Anyone who has a lv 30 or above can choose to create a lv 30 Dual Blade, like the Maple Life Type A cash item.  I’m not sure about the stats, but it is pretty cool.  You can get one per account.  You also start off with the lv 40 mask if you choose this route.

I’m not sure if I want to make a lv 30 immediately or go from lv 1.  I guess that with the free 4 hr 2x exp you get at lv 20, it should be a breeze to get to lv 30.  Plus, you get to go through the storyline and get some items.  It’ll all depend on how good the lv 30 is.  I’ll start of with the lv 30 and decide if whether I want to delete it for a beginner or not.

Oh, and the blades for Dual Blade are called “kataras”.  I preferred blades myself.  “Katara” is a bit of a misnomer–the blades look nothing like kataras (katar).  A katara (also called kattari) is a short dagger with a horizontal grip that originated from India.  Blades are… well… just blades.

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