GMS: V.88 Announced!

There’s less that 2 days before dual blade!  It’s patch .88.  Isn’t that a lucky number?  I think this is the first time that I’ve seen Nexon schedule a patch over 12 hours long.  Hopefully they won’t go over it–it already is set to end at noon on Wednesday.  If they do, I hope they start early so there will be more time to play.

The currently announced events include:

-Free AP/SP resets to one character per account.  The amount of AP and the type SP resets will depend on your character’s level.  Max is 20 AP resets and a 3rd job SP resets.  These only last 10 days and are apparently obtained by going into the cash shop.

*** Thorns has a CS mastery book.  Check out this picture that was on the website:(it’s on the upper-left)

Dang… 8.9k nx.  What this means, I’m not sure.  Will Thorns still be dropped by monsters?

-You can get a free VIP tele scroll if you add 10 buddies

-If you get to lv 10 you can get a weapon scroll (probably untradeable) and a magnifying glass that “ that can uncover an item’s hidden potential” (Official Site).  I’ve never heard of unidentified items in Maplestory.  Maybe it has to do with that star system in KMS… or maybe I just forgot it.  I seem to remember forgetting about a magnifying glass thing in one of Spadow’s posts…

-Henesys PQ gives 25% extra exp

-If you get to lv 20, you get a free 4 hr 2x EXP coupon

Sounds decent, probably more to come.  I wanna hear about the Dual Blade events :O

I REALLY hope they take out the friend smegas.  They are the worst thing that’s happened to Maplestory that’s affected everyone in a while.  Meso exploit? Pshhhh.  I can’t stand those stupid friend smegas anymore.

I must say that I am pretty disappointed at the lack of events during the summer.  I mean, last year we got the Agents.  This year, all we saw was a TON of cs/gatch events, Cassandra’s weapon rental, and some explorer’s return events.  There was NOTHING summer themed that was worth doing.

On a side note, I finally got my dit to lv 50 😀  I’m not sure why I did, with DBL coming out so soon, but I sorta wanted to finish what I started.  I’ve wanted a Shadower ever since 4th job came out.

I’ll be posting more about events that will be occurring.  I don’t know how to take screenshots with a mac so I won’t be posting up pics for some time.  Sorry.

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