GMS: Rollback!

This morning, GMS experienced a rollback to July 11th.  Let’s see… that’s last Sunday, I think.  Darn… that means I’ll have to do King Pepe’s Scroll again -_-‘

Anyone who logged in during the rollback period (July 11th-13th) will be getting the 5k maple points.  Other users won’t get it.

There’s another server check.   When can we play?

I’m debating whether to save the 5k for my Dual Blade or to use it on Golden Temple tickets for my CBowman.  Iron arrow is fun :].

By the way, the Dual Blade website is pretty much finished.  Event 3 is out, as well as downloadable wallpapers and screensavers.  I never even use screensavers anymore…

You can check that out here:

I hope not too many people were bothered by the rollback.  At least all I did was do King Pepe’s Scroll… I think.  I’ve never actually experienced a rollback before… oh well.  5k maple is worth one level and a couple of hours.

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