GMS: No Rollback?

I just visited the Maplestory website and it said this:


All MapleStory game servers will be up by 9:30PM Pacific (12:30AM Eastern). The 2x event will resume till 1AM Pacific (4AM Eastern). The game also will not be rolled back and Cash items will be extended.

Thank you for your patience!

-The MapleStory Staff-

Does this mean that there will be no rollback at all or just no rollback for today’s time?  I hope it’s no rollback at all 😛

This is confusing… at least the game will be open soon. *waits for server check to get pushed back even more

Just a bit more to go!  I have nothing to do though…

and then a week… D:

UPDATE: And… there was a rollback -_-‘

My cbow is now back to lv 30… dangit.  Eh, at least I’ll have some 2x to catch up to where I was before.

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