GMS: Dual Blade Release Postponed

If you’ve been following the current server check, you’ll probably know that the patch day has been moved to next week Wednesday, July 21st.  Nexon said that they needed more time to deal with the meso exploit and stuff, so yeah… we get a day+-long server check.  Drat.  I was so excited for Dual Blade too >.<.

So apparently the Golden Temple WAS an event after all.  Based on the note from Nexon, it seems that it will be removed once the next patch comes out.  I’m not sure about the other events, though.  The Cassandra ones were not mentioned–they’ll probably still end tomorrow.  Logically, since they extended the cash shop events, the regular ones should be extended as well…

The compensations are:

— Cash item extension
— 5,000 Maple Points
— The Golden Temple will be available for one extra week. Golden Temple ticket items will also be on sale for 20~25% off.
Vega’s Spell will remain on sale for one extra week.
One A Day Sale will also be extended for a week. Make sure to check out the daily item!
— 2x EXP and Drop events on the following dates:
a. Wednesday, July 14th  12 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
b. Thursday, July 15th  12 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
c. Friday, July 16th  12 PM – 6 PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
d. Saturday, July 17th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)
e. Sunday, July 18th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)

Oh joy, more 2x… I hope they put some more in after Dual Blade is released.  I’m just bummed that I can’t train at Golden Temple on my Dual.  :P.

When Aran came out, I was closely following the skills and guide from the Ayumilove blog… but it seems that there’s no post on Dual Blade.  Shame, really.  The Aran guide there was AMAZING.  Absolutely perfect.

By the way, they’re removing ALL of the exploited mesos from the economy, so I’ve heard.  That means that if you got any of those mesos from trade, it’s getting removed.  Sorry.  Thank goodness I haven’t been playing much.

I hope they add in the Owl Tail Feathers thing.  I don’t want to use the feathers without knowing for certain that they’ll do something :O

I wonder… if it weren’t for the meso exploit, would we have gotten Dual Blade tomorrow?

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