Premium Cash Shop Surprise

Nexon recently released another cash shop surprise event, but this one is different.  Instead of getting equips, you get useful-ish stuff like pets, character slots, and Vicious Hammers.  This is nice, but they cost 1.4k nx each.

I wanted to get one, but I was saving up for the Evan skills.

You can also obtain the exclusive Alien pet from this event.  I guess that’s how some people got it after saving the old cash shop surprises.

I don’t know if the pets expire or not, and will put something up as soon as possible concerning this.  I have to give Nexon credit, though.  The Cash Shop Surprise was a great money-making idea.  This appears to be targeting the more “hardcore” gamer rather than the decorative, but I guess that’s a good thing for many people.

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