Grand Fantasia 1

I haven’t posted anything lately because I’ve been playing Grand Fantasia.

It’s a 3D MMO with anime graphics.

There are 4 base classes: Fighter, Hunter, Acolyte, and Spellcaster.  You start off as a novice, and can make the job advancement at lv 5.  There is another job advancement at lv 15 and a third at lv 30, where each class branches off into 2 more.

There are some things about this game that I like.  First of all, the sprite system.

A sprite is sort of like a pet that you have, only much more useful.  Maybe it’s in other games too, but I haven’t played any other games with this system.  You start off with a sprite that can forge a certain type of item for you, depending on what type of sprite you chose.  The sprites can also be summoned and gives you buffs from equips, and it loots for you too.  As the sprite’s skills level up, it gains access to more things it can create.

Another nice thing is the skill system.  In Grand Fantasia, skills are bought.  You don’t get skill points every level.  Instead, skills have level requirements and you buy them from skill merchants.  This is nice because you don’t have to worry about which skills to max.  You are able to max every skill, given that you have enough money.

The controls are decent – you can choose to use either mouse, wasd/arrow keys, or a combination of both to move.  Looting requires the mouse, however.  The camera immediately shifts to behind the character when you press w/forward, which is nice for seeing what’s in front of you.  Skills are activated by hotkeys (you get over 20(?) of them), as well as potions.  Note that potions have a cooldown time in this game.

There is more to come about this game, I will take note of strong points when I see them.  For now, I would say that Grand Fantasia is worth a try if you enjoy 3D MMOs.

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