Evan Trailblazer Event

I’ve seen a lot of search terms used referring to the Sweat Droplet/Trailblazer event, so I’ll explain it in more detail:

First of all, it’s an Evan-exclusive event, and ends on May 5th, 2010.

This event requires you to loot sweat droplets (they drop from any normal monster, though I don’t know about the world tour ones) and trade them in to Cassandra for a medal.  There are multiple medals, and each successive one requires more sweat droplets to be traded in.

You start out with the Confused Evan quest, then upon finishing it, you unlock the quest for the next medal, and so on, until you reach the final two.

The sweat droplets are tradeable.

The medals give a small boost in mp and M.atk, as well as something I’ve never seen before: -% potion discount and +% exp gain.

The first medal, Confused Evan, requires 100 sweat and gives -5% in potion cost, as well as +5% exp per kill (equip bonus exp).  Each successive medal gives one more percent in potion discount and exp bonus, ending up at either the Trailblazer medal, which gives 10% boosts for 60 days, or the Eternal trailblazer, which gives +40 mp and +4 M.atk, but is permanent.  You cannot obtain both the Trailblazer and the Eternal Trailblazer–You’ll have to choose one of them.

Source: Official Site

The higher you go, the longer the medals last (my Confident Evan lasts for 15 days or so).

It’s extremely tedious to complete all of the quests alone, but they can be bought at the FM.  Overall, the medals are only good for their exp boosts, but it’s a pain to get that many teardrops.  I’m going to try to get the Eternal Trailblazer because I like collecting medals.

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