Lv 40!

I got my Evan to lv 40 today!

Now I have ice breath, my first 6-mob attack!

It deals decent damage (slightly more than fire circle at this point), but requires a 1-second charge for full power.  However, it has a great freeze rate (33% at 1 point, 90% at 20) and freezes for ~7 seconds!

It’s a nice skill for PYPQ, as it can be spammed and hits 6 monsters.  However, being a charge-up skill, you can’t telecast.  You can still jump-cast with it.

I also decided to go gatch with the NX I got for the skill books and got a Dragon Chair (Inferno)!  I’m so happy!

There’s also another 2x event tomorrow from 2-4 pm PST.  I want to get another 2 levels or so.

Aside from that, nothing much happened.  I checked and saw that we now have the data for the Dragon Rider PQ.  I think we’ll be seeing it soon in GMS.

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