More on Evan and the New Patch

Well, it turns out that you really DO have to buy the mastery books from the CS–for Magic Guard, at least.  It’s actually not that bad if you don’t buy it.

lv 5 Magic Guard converts 25% of the damage to mp.  Although this is considerably less than that of mages, Evan gets more HP per lvup than magicians do (I estimate about 20 per lv).  This means that near the end, we’ll have something like the Dual Blade’s hp, and of course, they survive.

Along with more HP, Evan also gets more damage-reducing skills, so lv 5 magic guard should not be TOO much of a worry–you just won’t be able to take as much damage as other mages.

Nexon has apparently unnerfed the Magic Guard for Evan, so it now converts 80% rather than 70% at lv 20.

There seems to be a glitch that prevents you from putting points into MG once you get to lv 40, so be sure to max it before then (lightning is fine).

I’ve noticed some other things about Evan (these are all observations: some may be incorrect):

-You attacks are based upon the location of your dragon, not your character sprite.  This means that if you jump down from somewhere high and attack immediately upon landing, your dragon will still be falling and will probably not hit anything.

-You get  a LOT of skill points through quests–DO THEM.

-Your skill books are separated, meaning that SP you get in a later job cannot be put into a skill from a lower job.

-You get 3 points into both your previous and current (new) skill book when you get to a advancement level.

-There are no job advancements.

-Attacks are very slow.

-The Evan gloves disappear when you sit down, and reappear when you stand up.

There was also the release of an expansion in Neo City.  Apparently this is from the UNNERFED version, meaning that we get some of Neo Tokyo’s crazy difficulty.

I haven’t tried it out yet, as I’ve been busy with Evan (lv 35) and haven’t gotten past the first Neo City quest on my main.

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