MapleStory: Evan Release (3/31/10)

Evan has finally been released!

There’s been some speculation as to whether or not Nexon was making the certain skill’s (Magic Guard, Critical, Booster) skill book limited to 5 points unless the upgrade book is bought from the Cash Shop.  We’ll probably find out more about this if someone actually finds the skill book from a monster drop.

There’s also a new level up event for Evans, similar to the Aran ring event.  You have to level your Evan to 30 to obtain the glasses, for which you can obtain scrolls to upgrade it at lvs 50, 60, 80, and 100.  The lv 50 scrolls are 60% scrolls that add 1 to each stat, while the lv 80 and 100 scrolls are 30% scrolls that add 1 magic def and 2 magic attack.  This is different from the KMS version, in which (I think) all the scrolls were 100% scrolls.  The good thing, however, is that the glasses can be traded between characters of the same account in the same world (like Lilin’s ring).

Another event included in the update is the Trailblazer event.  You’re supposed to collect Evan’s sweat (eww) and trade them to Cassandra for medals that have +% exp and -% potion cost for a limited time.

There is also a level your Evan past lv 30 and you get something on your main + everyday box event, just like the ones for Aran.

A new event that they included was a temporary cash item event that you get on your Evan each level from17 to 21.  Apparently, there’s a set effect.  The Evan clothes set was also released in the cash shop and it is PERMANENT.

Last but not least, the Evan hairstyle was released as an EXP haircut from Kerning, Henesys, or NLC.

This is what the full Evan set looks like with the hair:

It’s really not too bad.  The wand looks nice. ^^

There seems to be no Easter events this time… unless they’ll be implemented after the Evan release.

I REALLY hope that the skill books are optional.  The site doesn’t mention any alternative method of obtaining them.  I’m worried… especially by the fact that magic guard will only be at lv 5 for many if this is indeed true.

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