WK:Game Update (March 17, 2010)

A couple days ago I began playing WonderKing, a game published by ndoors that is often criticized for being too similar to MapleStory.

I’ll post a review later – I’ll just cover what I’ve seen in the new event.

Yesterday, WonderKing had an update that included a Tiger Statue event and a few changes in gameplay.

The Tiger Statues drop random, somewhat good items, including the coveted Wonder Cape.  The Wonder Cape adds 5 to every stat and was originally a very hard-to-get item.  Now that it drops commonly, prices have plummeted.  I have yet to find a different cape, so I will assume that they are good.

I now have about 5 of these capes.  Guess I’ll sell them after the event.

For a more detailed list of what the Tiger Statue drops, scroll to the bottom.

The main change that I have noticed since the update was that the quickslot keys are no longer customizable. still customizable.

They are set to the keys a,s,d,f,z,x,c,v.  Also, the right control key has been voided.  My HP pot button is gone :[.

All monsters now drop the Beauty Shampoo, which I’m pretty sure is new.  It adds 10 def for 300 seconds.

Tiger Statue Drops:

Tiger Mask 1/2 (orange is male, white is female – both are statless)

Mana Elixers (10)

HP Elixers (10)

Battle Potion(1)

Magic Potion (1)

Pickaxe (10)

Wonder Cape <event> (+5 to all stats)

Tiger’s Energy <event> (+20 to all stats for certain amt of time, 500 seconds?)

Draff’s Blessing (+10 to all stats for 300 sec)

That’s all I’ve gotten for now – if you see this and have anything to add to the list, please post in the comments.

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